Nexus Processing Unit
Nexus Processing Unit - How to Connect Virtual and Real Worlds Open Page

Today we have:

GPU: nVidia/ATI Graphics Processing Unit - For beautiful rendering.
PPU: Asus AGEIA Physics Processing Unit – For realistic world.

But what about... NPU: Nexus Processing Unit? Can it be responsible for Artificial Intelligence and Social Relationships of all in-game personalities (including you)? Can we create a card which can connect real and virtual worlds, mix emotions and create virtual personalities? Are this real? Answer is YES and I will try to explain how to do it (2005-06-22).

Bicycle Turn and Stop Signals with Tools Open Page

Products and tools, which will help you to add turn and stop signals to your bicycle.

Company's Fairness Rating Open Page

How to solve extreme inequality in society, besides implementation of minimum wage?

Publicly open Company's Fairness Rating could show, how fair are owners, executives and top managers in sharing financial success of the company with common workers and employees. This idea can be pushed worldwide by trade unions, organisations and politicians.

Absolute equality, when people get the same reward (e.g salary), no matter, how big their personal contribution is, reduces motivation to contribute.

Extreme inequality, when people are not paid enough for their personal contribution, also reduces motivation to contribute. Extreme inequality harms society and economy, because poor majority don't have enough money to buy products and services, except those, which can fulfil basic needs, in order to survive. You can't sell much to poor people and small rich minority don't need large amount of products and services. If people are poor and have no money to buy services and goods - economy stagnates. Owners, executives and managers, who are in power of determining salaries for themselves and common employees... often abuse that power and can't control their own greed. This must be solved.

Local Revenue and Tax agencies must know three basic things, to make calculations:

1. How many workers company has in the country.
2. Average % of owners, directors and top managers in companies with 1000 employers. Lets say, it is 10%.
3. How much company paid to each company worker per year.

Calculations (usually, Revenue and Tax agencies already have necessary data):

1. Get that data from every company in their country with (for example) more than 1000 employees.
2. Calculate average monthly income (after taxes) per person for top 10% and for bottom 90%.
3. Turn these two averages into % and publish this data in table with ability to search for company and sort data by managers and employees. Example:

Incomes of Employees (90%) -- Year Averages
2018 2019 2020 2021 2021
No. Company Name Average Income of Managers (10%) Average Income of Employees (90%)▲
1 Company “A” 99.7% 0.3%
2 Company “B” 99.1% 0.9%
3 Company “C” 98.4% 1.6%
... ... ... ...
410 Company “U” 59.5% 40.5%
411 Company “V” 58.8% 41.2%
412 Company “Z” 57.2% 42.8%

Average income of common employees, could be called “Company's Fairness Rating”. In this example:

Company's “A” fairness rating would be only 0.3%
Company's “Z” rating would be 42.8%.

Percentages (instead of actual currency) would be easier to understand and to compare, how behave different or the same companies in different countries.

On top of the list there could be year averages, to monitor overall progress.

Homeopatija - šarlatanai Lietuvoje
Homeopatija - kaip apgaudinėjami Lietuvos žmonės  

Homeopatinių preparatų gamintojai turėtų sėdėti kalėjime, o valstybės pareigūnai, leidę juos pardavinėti šalyje, – atleisti iš pareigų už nekompetenciją. Homeopatiniai preparatai vaistinėse yra gėda ir pavyzdys, kaip žemai gali pulti įmonės ir jų vadovai, susidėdami su sukčiais ir rizikuodami patiklių žmonių sveikata vardan finansinės naudos.

LAN Party


LAN Party Lietuvoje  

LAN (Local Area Network) yra į bendrą tinklą sujungtų kompiuterių visuma. LAN Party, tai kompiuterių specialistų ir tinklinių kompiuterinių pramogų mėgėjų susibūrimas.



Sceptics, unbelievers and atheists can gather together near similar monument one day per year (or any every day). All believers pray, mediums, psychics and mind masters of the world with powers of their minds try to perform their miracles on objects in this monument... Next morning... sceptics, unbelievers and atheists can make jokes about usual failure. Objects can be made or selected by diferent artists and scientists. Dead mosquito with small hammer (to brake the glass) can be placed near sealed water flask too – if someone will turn water in to blood and will resurrect mosquito, he will have big feast ready for him.