Prior answer knowledge will distort results, so if you are planning to answer questionnaire, it would be better to check answers after that.

“Right” answers are in yellow background - we would choose them ourselves, during answering this questionnaire. Answers in red background are most popular, but they don’t correspond with our choice. Some important questions are not directly about things, which are mentioned in question. For example: question about footwear - it is not so important high-heeled or low-heeled shoes, as this reveals other priorities of person as well - beauty (image) or health (rationality). This tells something about hobby or absence of it to walk in the park, trips, etc. also. Each answer has a certain number of points. For example: question about faith gets 10 times more points than question about “footwear”. It is easier to resolve disputes with person, who base his views on evidences, not faith. Fertility is not in “important” list - kids are not bad, but it is not essential component in ability to live meaningful and honest life with someone. If you think that you are like us... you can write to email address on this website :). If you have doubts, you can try to answer the questionnaire and it will calculate compatibility. It has no point to answer differently than you think – during live communication and logical explanation of choices, your real position will show itself :).Age: ~26-36 m. / Date: ~2005-2010 m.

1. I am...

Believer (Theist). (31%)
Not categorical. Maybe something exists. (56%)
Unbeliever (Atheist). (14%)

2. I am...

Emotional. (22%)
Rational. (9%)
Both - sometimes emotions win over rationality. (69%)

3. Adultery-Cheating...

Sometimes it can strengthen mutual-familial relations only. (37%)
Always harms mutual-familial relations. (63%)

4. To preserve mutual-familial relations it is necessary...

To tell lies sometimes. (71%)
To speak only the truth always. (29%)

5. I...

Smoke. (18%)
Smoke sometimes. (20%)
Don’t smoke. (62%)

6. If Cosmic Macaque would distribute, what would you choose - Conscience or Money?

Money. Having money you can allow yourself to be conscientious. (53%)
Conscience. I will earn money somehow. (47%)

7. I...

Drink. (7%)
Drink sometimes. (67%)
Don’t drink. (27%)

8. Flowers, compliments and small gifts-surprises:

Ideal relations are not imaginable without that. (39%)
In ideal relations it is unnecessary to prove again and again your viewpoint towards partner with flowers and compliments. It is more rational to buy things together with partner, to satisfy his or your own needs better. (61%)

9. I...

Need attention sometimes to know that I am am loved. (88%)
The attention for me is necessary only when I want to be listened. (12%)

10. Each other loving partners...

Should understand each other without words. (37%)
Always should talk and clear out situation, without expectations that other "will guess and understand everything himself". (63%)

11. Mysteriousness:

Woman should be always little mysterious with her partner. (76%)
In a family should be no secrets with partner, only a naked openness. (24%)

12. Reaching my goal...

I Never risk - it is silly. (9%)
I can risk sometimes. (91%)

13. Globalization:

I am against globalization - it destroys and unifies different cultures. (54%)
I support globalization. (46%)

14. Duty of husband and wife:

Duty of wife is to raise children and care about family from inside. Duty of husband is to earn money and to protect family from outside. (10%)
Both (wife and husband... how opportunities let them) should try to earn money and to raise children. (90%)

15. Do you participate in lotteries?

Yes. (7%)
Sometimes - I am venturesome person. (40%)
No. (53%)

16. Do you believe in destiny?

Yes. (67%)
No. (33%)

17. Do you believe in love from first glance?

Yes. (26%)
From first glance... you can only to begin to love... and not the person himself, but your own vision about him. (74%)

18. Do you want to keep any pet in the house (cat, dog, snake, spider, etc.)?

Yes. (79%)
No. (21%)

19. When I want to be pleasant or to make group of people laugh, I can fool around sometimes.

I am adult and serious person already and I am not engaged in nonsenses. Clowns can fool around. (8%)
Sometimes I like to make jokes and I don’t become angry, if somebody make fun of me. (92%)

20. I like more qualitative footwear...

On high heels. (33%)
On low heels. (46%)
Sneakers. (21%)

21. Is it hard for you to ask for help?

Yes. (47%)
No. (53%)

22. How do you react to new-strange-"mad" ideas?

Positively - ideas don't harm. (90%)
Sceptically - it is useless waste of time. (10%)

23. Your boss asks you to confirm, that one of employees (which is not pleasant to you also) absented his work - otherwise boss threatens to fire you from work also (you know, that accused employee didn’t do that).

I will help the boss to kick out that employee, which is not pleasant to me also. (34%)
I better will leave work, than will say lies and do that contradicts my beliefs. (66%)

24. For good money I can fight for that what contradicts my beliefs.

Yes. (26%)
No. (74%)

25. Do you like TV series?

It is interesting to watch a good Mexican serial about a life of people sometimes. You can learn few wise things. (24%)
Just extraordinary comedies and documentary films. (63%)
Don't like any of them. (13%)

26. The tips:

Are necessary, because it is method to rate quality of service and the personnel, encouraging them so to work better. (84%)
Are unnecessary, because it is pretext not to pay taxes and attempt of employers to throw responsibility for salary on employers. (16%)

27. Do you like to create something?

Yes. (36%)
Sometimes. (50%)
No. I like to help other creators more. (14%)

28. What movies do you like more?

Comedies. (44%)
Dramas. (16%)
Thrillers. (10%)
Science Fiction-Fantasy. (11%)
Historical. (13%)
Detectives. (6%)

29. Do you tell about your problems and troubles to other people?

Often - people should know, what is happening around them. (8%)
Sometimes - people can give good advices sometimes. (72%)
No - people have enough troubles of their own. (19%)

30. What is your horoscope?

Horoscope sign indicated. (65%)
This is not important and meaningful. (35%)

31. Your favourite hobby:

1. Reading
2. Music
3. Sport
4. Dance
5. Travels
6. Animals
7. Drawing
8. Singing
9. Friends

In our case... consumer-oriented hobbies would be reading, movies, music. Creative hobbies would be everything what is related to computers, Internet (programing, drawing) and religion (atheism).