So, recently i bought a ipega pg 9078 gamepad just to play call of duty mobile. The reason i bought it because it was cheap ($20) and i didn't want to invest much for Android gaming. But after i brought it home it didn't connect with codm as codm only supports ps4 and Xbox one controller.

Then, I told the developers of codm to add a wide range of controller support in the future update of the game on their official forum , but they told me to stick up with the native touch controls.

The reason i want a gamepad to play codm because it brings the game to a whole new level.
Plus, i can use upto 8 fingers to play , which is pretty sick.

So, my question is ,

1. is it possible to make a Xbox one/ps4 controller emulator on android, which will emulate the input of any Bluetooth gamepad and make the android device think its a ps4/ Xbox one controllers input?

2. Can any humble developers in this forum make such magisk module/ app / xposed module?
If you can, it will be much appreciated.

P.S. I tried Octopus Gamepad and Panda Gamepad pro but it really sucks (the aiming is really bad)
I agree with you and would like to make X360CE to work as native app on Android (and iOS). Unfortunately, main reason why X360CE application is Windows exclusive is lack of free time for developing. X360CE is a free open-source hobby project, done after work. X360CE is far from perfect and any deviation to another operating system would make developing even slower. At the moment plan is this:

  1. Fix all issues on X360CE v4.x.
  2. Reach ideal state where users don’t have to configure anything and issue page on GitHub stops growing.
  3. Add new solutions / features in demand.
    Slowly convert interface from Windows forms to XAML for multi-OS support.
    Switch from .NET Framework to .NET Standard for better multi-OS support.
There could be intermediate (collaborative) solutions. For example, someone could create XBox/PS controller emulator on Android, which accepts
X360CE configuration map files via remote connection. Unfortunately, none out of 7.5 billion people on Earth are volunteering, because everyone is busy solving and doing their own personal things, which is how things work 🙂.

Me and my brother are trying to make open-source X360CE project more sustainable, so we could give more attention to it, but these plans are progressing very slowly. At the moment, I really don't know when or if support for Android will be implemented. It is on the list of things I would like to do.
I appreciate what you are doing and i really support your work.
😔😔😔 Guess i will have to be satisfied with the touch controls.
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