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AI Companion (1.11.23)(2024-06-12) answers questions, analyzes project files, and works alongside, streamlining development and boosting productivity. Application allows easy creation of custom, fine-tuned AI models as chatbots or virtual employees. It is a free, open-source project for people who have an OpenAI API (GPT-3/4, Davinci...) subscription or/and run OpenAI on their local machine (GPT4All), on-premises, or on Azure Cloud. AI Companion can run as a standalone portable application or as a Visual Studio extension. Extension version can also be installed via Visual Studio Extension Manager. Digitally Signed. If you have questions or something doesn’t work as expected, please write to info@jocys.com

2024-02-23 FIXED Windows Defender false positive virus warning issue. Pre-built DLL and core files were also digitally signed.

If Microsoft Windows Defender Antivirus issues a false positive warning saying “Couldn’t download - Virus detected” and prevents you from downloading a new release, please wait for a Microsoft Windows Defender Antivirus update. This usually takes about one day and will resolve the issue. IMPORTANT: Only download and run digitally signed files. DO NOT disable antivirus or exclude AI Companion app from antivirus protection. You can always check app's download URL on VirusTotal.com.

  • Interactive AI Companion: Answers questions, analyzes files, suggests solutions.
  • Custom AI Models Creation: Tailor AI chatbots or virtual assistants.
  • Standalone or Extension: Available as a standalone app or Visual Studio extension.
  • Extensive AI Model Support: Compatible with OpenAI's GPT-3/4, Davinci models.
  • Local and Cloud: Access AI models on local machine, on-premises, or on Azure Cloud.
  • Open Source and Free: For users with an OpenAI API subscription.
  • Privacy: API-based data submissions aren’t used for training without consent.
  • Data Handling: Processes larger data than standard web ChatGPT.
  • Access to Smarter AI Models: Via API for more advanced functionalities.
  • Complements GitHub CoPilot: Offers additional features not available in GitHub CoPilot.
  • Analysis of Project/Solution Files: Can send project/solution files for AI insights.
  • AI Embedding/Context Database: Integrates with portable SQLite and MSSQL databases.
  • Reads Multiple File Types: Includes Word, Excel, and PDF documents.
  • Application and Script Execution: Enables AI to execute tasks and scripts.
  • Template-based System: Enables advanced prompt creation with diverse data sources.
  • Mozilla Public License 2.0: Permits corporate usage with private modifications.
  • Fine-Tuning: Allows custom model adjustments for specific tasks.
  • System Requirements: Requires .NET 8.0. For the VS Extension: Visual Studio 2022 17.9+.


Templates Options AI Avatar Plugins Code Document



Why use API-based tools over web ChatGPT?

  • Data submitted via the API is not used to train or improve its models, unless customers explicitly decide to share their data.
  • Web Chat is limited to 4K tokens, while AI models on API can process data 4-8 times larger.
  • API provides access to more recent and smarter AI models.

Where to get API Organization ID and API Key?


How can I access GPT-4?


  • OpenAI Account ► Settings ► Billing ► Add credit to your balance.
  • AI Companion ► “Options” tab ► click on “Default AI Model” “Refresh” button.

    After that, “gpt-4” should appear in “Default AI Model” drop-down list.

System requirements

Microsoft .NET 8.0 dotnet.microsoft.com/download/dotnet

For VS Extension: Visual Studio 2022 17.9+ (update through Visual Studio Installer)

Why was this extension created?

Existing tools like GitHub CoPilot have limitations when it comes to interacting with AI. I wanted to create an app that could handle common tasks with more in-depth AI guidance and information. This tool does not replace GitHub CoPilot, but rather offers new features. My goal was to create a tool that would assist AI in responding to inquiries about an entire project or in revamping a Visual Studio solution using a different framework. Right now, you have the ability to request a project rewrite, as the extension can send an entire project or solution. However, there are some necessary updates that need to be made in order to save the outcomes.


You can ask questions about an entire solution or project using the “Code - Smart Search” template. However, the size of the solution or project is limited by the maximum amount of tokens the AI can process. People who have access to the GPT-4 API can upload projects or solutions for AI analysis, up to sizes of 96KB (about 3 bytes per token). These limitations could potentially be removed if AI is hosted on-premises.

Rate limits

Rate limits are restrictions that OpenAI API imposes on the number of times a user or client can access its services within a specified period of time.



Why use API-based tools over web ChatGPT?

Where to get API Organization ID and API Key?

How can I access GPT-4?

System requirements

Why was this extension created?


Rate limits

How it works

Data safety concerns

Risk levels

Rethinking AI integrations
AI Access and execution levels
Types of access



Visual Studio extension
Standalone application
Application options



Code - Smart Search
Code - Document
Code - Fix Selected Issue
Code - Fix Debug Exception
Custom - Historical Events
Translate - English to Klingon

Custom AI models - Fine-Tuning

How-to examples

Grammar - Detail - Professional
Code - Fix Selected Error


Allow AI to run applications and scripts
Ask AI about solution and changes

How it works

This application (or extension) allows you to create advanced prompt templates and include data from various sources such as the Clipboard, Selection, Active Document, Selected Documents, Active Project, Selected Project, Solution, Selected Error, Exception with relevant code files, or Chat History. You can execute this template with just one button press, and the data will be sent to your preferred AI model for results at api.openai.com.

Data safety concerns

OpenAI will not use the data submitted by customers via the OpenAI API to train or improve its models, unless customers explicitly decide to share their data for this purpose. Customers have the option to opt-in to share data. Please note that this data policy does not apply to OpenAI’s Non-API consumer services like ChatGPT or DALL·E. More information can be found at openai.com/policies/api-data-usage-policies.

Risk levels

Rethinking AI integration

This application is built on the idea that Artificial Intelligence (AI) should be viewed like a crew member rather than just a simple tool. It is because the power of AI lies not only in telling or consulting but in actually doing and achieving. This perspective demands that security measures focus on the AI itself, not just the application it’s part of. Imagine hiring a person to operate a piece of heavy machinery: you evaluate and trust the operator, not just the machinery. The same principle applies to AI.

AI access and execution levels

In the realm of application development, artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly integrated not just as a tool but as an essential component capable of performing tasks similar to a human. It’s crucial to use AI that has been thoroughly verified and trusted, especially since it might have varying permissions, ranging from restricted to full access akin to a human user.

Modern robots operated by AI are no longer science fiction. These robots have access to capabilities similar to humans, so security concepts must be tailored to be the same as for intelligent, autonomous beings such as humans.

Sci-Fi: Star Trek: Data and Jean Luc Picard Sci-Fi: The Orville: Issac and captain Ed Mercer Real Life: Elon Musk as Tesla Optimus

Types of access

The application provides AI with varied access levels, from zero permissions to having the same full permissions that a human user has. The “Risk Level” categorizes the types of access and capabilities AI can have:

Manage access risk level

Unknown: Indicates an AI with access or capabilities that are not specified or identified.
None (Read Internal): AI is limited to only reading data within the application.
Low (Write Internal): AI can alter or add to data within the application.
Medium (Read External): AI has the ability to read data from external sources outside the application.
High (Write External): AI can change data in external sources outside of the application.
Critical (Full Access): AI gains full access, on par with a human user, capable of running applications and scripts.

The creation of the “Risk Level” framework for applications highlights the necessity for a deliberate and secure method to integrate AI. By setting clear permissions and access levels, developers can ensure that AI functions within its designated scope, protecting both the application and its data. As AI’s role in applications becomes increasingly sophisticated, adhering to the “Risk Level” principles is crucial for maintaining trust and reliability in AI-based systems.


The source code is licensed under MPL-2.0 (Mozilla Public License 2.0), permitting corporations to integrate and enhance this application with proprietary code, without the requirement to disclose their modifications. Specifically, this license facilitates the use of the application for purposes such as enabling AI to access corporate resources or to automate task creation for AI, while still keeping any proprietary additions private.

This tool acts as an intermediary, facilitating data exchange between the user and the AI. Consequently, the licensing of this tool itself does not directly impact the rights to the code or content generated by the AI. Instead, the generated content is subject to the license of the AI model used (e.g., GPT-3/4, Davinci...). Typically, the initiator of the AI-generated code process is granted copyright. Both OpenAI and Microsoft offer a legal safeguard, known as a “Copyright Commitment”, to protect customers who face lawsuits for copyright infringement related to content generated by the companies’ AI systems.


Visual Studio extension

Standalone application

Quickly access tasks from the notification icon in the tray.

Application options

Task and Template settings are saved in separate files for easy exchange and sharing.
C:\Users\<UserName>\AppData\Roaming\Jocys.com\VS AI Companion\



AI can provide you with the exact location of specific code features.

Code - Document

Code - Fix Selected Issue

Select Errors or Warnings reported by Visual Studio and ask AI to fix it.

Code - Fix Debug Exception

Ask AI to fix the exception by either copying and pasting the exception info as a message or clicking the [Send] button when Visual Studio throws it during debugging.

Custom - Historical Events

Translate - English to Klingon



Grammar - Detail - Professional. How to check spelling and grammar.

1. Click on the “Grammar - Detail – Professional” template icon on the toolbar. This template will be added to the [Tasks] tab.
2. Select the newly created “Grammar - Detail – Professional” task in the [Tasks] tab.
3. Enter the text you would like to check in the “message” field.
4. Click the [Send] button.
5. Wait for the AI’s response to appear in the chat.

Code - Fix Selected Error. How to fix selected error in Visual Studio.

1. Double-click on the error you would like to fix in the “Error List” panel.
2. Wait for the file with the error to open. It will become the active document.
3. Optional: Click on the “Code - Fix Selected Error” template icon on the toolbar.
4. Choose a task that has been cloned from the “Code - Fix Selected Error” template.
5. Select the “Active Document“ as the attachment to send.
6. Check the “Selected Error” as the attachment to send.
7. Select “Replace” under Automation (VS) if you are brave enough to rely on AI for the correct solution.
8. Click the [Send] button.
9. Wait for the AI’s response to appear in the chat. Active document will be fixed by AI.


Allow AI to run applications and scripts

Ask AI about solution, changed files or the code


Wiki-Help (GitHub.com) Control value is empty!


Issues (GitHub.com) Control value is empty!


Source (GitHub.com) Control value is empty!


Version Updates & Fixes
Version Updates and Fixes

2024-06-12 v1.11.23

- Fix: App crashes when trying to log into the same file.
- Update: Improve the loading process in Visual Studio.

2024-06-11 v1.11.21

- Fix: Developer options are not visible.

2024-06-11 v1.11.20

- Fix: The app crashes if there are no video input devices.
- Fix: Crash on start in Visual Studio 2022 17.10.2.
- New: Crash message when crashing in Visual Studio.
- New: Developer option for the error panel.
- New: Option to log HTTP messages.
- New: AI function to get the current date, OS version, architecture, locale, and time zone.

2024-06-10 v1.11.12
- Fix: Assistant's reply message has the same date and time as the user's prompt.
- Fix: Lists not updating in comboboxes after renaming or moving items.
- Fix: The app sends voice instructions when the avatar is invisible and "Use voice" is unchecked.

2024-06-09 v1.11.8
- Fix: When "Use Voice" was checked, the app didn't send avatar voice instructions.
- Fix: Closing the Avatar window would freeze after switching to other tabs.

2024-06-09 v1.11.6

- Fix: App stopping itself from being dragged into negative X desktop coordinates.
- Fix: Reduce memory usage by 30%.
- Fix: Move app window within screen bounds if settings place it outside the screen.
- New: Add centralized API key management support with Azure Key Vault.
- Update: Add an optional AI avatar to the Tasks form.

2024-05-22 v1.10.41

- Fix: Crash when unable to decrypt API keys.
- Fix: Crash when resetting settings if the settings file is unavailable.

2024-05-21 v1.10.37

- Fix: Embeddings dropdown not updating when the embedding name is changed.
- Fix: Embeddings dropdown displayed the wrong selected value.
- Fix: Crash when the avatar tries to animate lips in a foreign language with non-standard letters.

2024-05-20 v1.10.32

- Fix: Format and generate feature, not using the specified services.
- Fix: Sometimes the order of sentences in voice speech would be incorrect.
- New: Allow users to provide function request denial comments to AI.
- New: Option to all global AI instructions.
- New: Save the chat as an HTML file.
- New: Copy the chat to the clipboard.
- New: Save avatar voice as MP3 files.

2024-05-15 v1.10.21

- Fix: Selected AI model sometimes resets when switching between different AI services.
- New: You can now take screenshots in the chat window.
- Update: More variations of partial XML SSML content are now supported.
- Update: Use a queue to play all incoming avatar speeches in sequence.

2024-05-14 v1.10.14

- Fix: Error with domain security code prevents the use of plugins.
- Fix: Sometimes SSML speech synthesis fails.
- Fix: GPT-4o's max input tokens.
- Fix: Editing a user message was sending the old message to the AI.
- Update: Hide the chat panel on large pages to make resizing smoother.
- Update: Switched all templates to GPT-4o.

2024-05-13 v1.10.6

- Fix: Crash when reading data from the embedding database.
- Fix: Crash when customized settings file not found.
- New: Added AI Avatar that can use Microsoft Azure Voices.
- New: Button to start and stop Microsoft Voice Typing.
- Update: OpenAI Client now supports the analysis of larger images.

2024-04-28 v1.9.41

- New: Timestamp column added to the Embedding database for synchronizations.
- New: Add a plugin function to allow the AI to search the AI embedding database.
- New: Option to restrict the maximum risk level in the config and in Windows domain groups.
- New: Analyzes image URLs as per given instructions with an AI model.
- Update: Use the name of the embedding to select the AI database.

- 2024-04-18 v1.9.32

- Fix: Combo-boxes not updating when `Lists` are updated.
- Fix: Unable to embed some data due to incorrect token count.
- Fix: Crash when creating a new AI embedding database.
- Fix: Updated token conversion to import more accurate data into AI database.
- Fix: Couple crashes fixed.
- New: Ability to read RTF and HTML documents as plain text.
- New: Ability to read web pages as as plain text.

- 2024-04-16 v1.9.21

- Fix: Mask connection password in Embedding screen.
- Fix: Task tile was autogenerating after task rename.
- New: AI Model List Control
- New: Allow changing Path (Task) of List Item.
- New: Allow to set group flag name in AI Database.
- New: Plugin for AI email sending.

2024-04-11 v1.9.12

- Fix: Embedding is not importing Word, Excel, and PDF files into the database.
- Fix: Paste copied items into the list.
- New: Add item groups to the list.
- Update: Make list names case-insensitive when the AI is searching.

2024-04-09 v1.9.6

- Fix: Fixed multiple issues and bugs.
- New: Added AI Embedding/Context Database, supports portable SQLite and MSSQL.
- New: Ability to read Word, Excel, and PDF documents as plain text.
- New: Improved AI's capability to read multiple files in one action.
- Update: Updated shared libraries.

2024-03-17 v1.8.6

- Fix: The AI was unable to update the List instructions.
- Fix: Saving scroll position.
- Fix: The Options window is now scrollable.
- New: Role and Profile templates.
- New: List sort and Insert List item methods.
- New: Option to convert the fine-tuning files to and from Markdown format.
- New: Update feature for the application.
- Update: Settings now save when application is deactivated.

2024-03-13 v1.7.19

- Fix: Unable create the first item on the list manually.

2024-03-12 v1.7.18

- Fix: Database function "SetDescription."
- Fix: AI was unable to create or update lists.
- New: Now AI can request API specifications and call web services.
- New: "API - Demo" list with API web service example.

2024-03-11 v1.7.9

- Fix: Default lists are not loaded if settings already exist.
- Fix: Automatically add missing templates on load.
- Fix: Sort order of templates.

2024-03-10 v1.7.6

- Fix: The standalone app lists Visual Studio functions that are not available for AI.
- Fix: Tooltip text cropping issue in InfoPanel.
- Fix: A confirmation dialog pops up to save settings when multiple list items are selected.
- New: Functions that enable AI to manage different types of lists, such as task, to-do, progress, or environment properties.
- New: Personalize the chat by supplying personalized context.

2024-03-04 v1.6.25

- Fix: Enable medium-risk level plugins by default. Low-risk level is selected for tasks by default.
- Fix: Not all settings would load properly for the first start.

- 2024-03-02 v1.6.20

- Fix: AI Functions with enums failing.
- New: Web content and download functions with default credentials.
- New: Added function category descriptions.
- New: TTS support. Can be used with Jocys.com TTS Monitor. Ask to create a very short funny dialog involving the dragon and voice it.
- Update: The function approval form will now display only the supplied parameters.
- Update: Text file read and modify functions improved to be more understandable for AI.
- Update: Updated some tooltips to improve clarity.
2024-02-29 v1.6.13

- Fix: Issue with inability to cancel message requests.
- New: Plugin for searching Windows Index.

2024-02-28 v1.6.11

- Fix: Extension license file.
- Update: The function approval process has been updated.
- Update: Approval control is now within the app instead of in a popup message box.

2024-02-27 v1.6.6

- Fix: 3rd attempt to fix the "Method not found: ...Generic.IAsyncEnumerable" issue.
- Fix: Settings.CompanyName.zip example file.
- Fix: Auto clean up AI models without services on service delete.
- Update: Don't deselect the list when making mass changes to properties.
- Update: Changed to the less restrictive "Mozilla Public License v2.0".

2024-02-26 v1.5.16

- Fix: Update to address the issue of "Method not found: ...Generic.IAsyncEnumerable"
- Fix: Enable chat history when enabling Plugins.
- Fix: Redirect to options when API key is missing for Microsoft API.
- New: Added `ReadTextFile` and `WriteTextFile` functions.

2024-02-25 v1.5.12

- Fix: The app is overwriting newer settings.
- New: Customizable setting options for enterprises.

2024-02-25 v1.5.6

- New: Added new Basic and Visual Studio functions.
- New: Added option for maximum risk level.
- Fix: Downgraded some packages so that Extension can run on older versions of VS 2022.

2024-02-22 v1.4.24

- Update: Added a "context type" property to documents to improve AI responses.
- Update: Updated the item template control.
- New: Added splash screen to the standalone app.

2024-02-20 v1.4.21

- New: Added Database Functions.
- New: Added the Ability to Read and Write Files.
- Fix: Content Retrieval from Visual Studio.

2024-02-19 v1.4.18

- Fix: Wrap text issue in Plugins' descriptions.
- Fix: Error report. Add more details.
- Fix: Issue where some Visual Studio functions would fail.

- 2024-02-18 v1.4.15

- Fix: App crashes when clicking on header.
- Fix: Issue with plugins not scrolling.
- Fix: Make sure system templates are recreated if missing.
- New: VS plugins. Mention "selection" or "open document" and AI will know how to get the code.

2024-02-14 v1.4.6

- New: Plugin Feature. You can allow AI to run apps and scripts. Disabled by default.
- New: "System - Plugin Approval" template. Assess action safety with a secondary AI.
- Update: Upgraded the standalone app to .NET 8.0.
- Update: Updated NuGet Packages.

2024-01-28 v1.3.28

- Fix: Maximum token value for preview models.
- New: "Maximize" and "Restore" buttons to the message and instructions textbox.
- New: Added new "Code - Localize XAML" template.
- New: Visual Studio "Open Documents" added to attachment types.

2024-01-02 v1.3.24

- New: Option to set model names manually.
- New: Allow settings to be stored in the program folder.
- New: Enable bulk changes to the list items when more than one is selected.

2023-11-26 v1.3.20

- Fix: Crash when refreshing models.
- Update: Updated some templates.

2023-11-12 v1.3.17

- Update: Updated some templates.

2023-11-12 v1.3.16

- Fix: Resolved several potential crashes during file conversions.
- New: Added the option to use the maximum auto-detected context size.
- New: Introduced new templates for "Writing" and "AI - Evaluate Morality".
- Update: Now tool autofocus on the Tasks tab when a new task is created.

2023-11-05 v1.3.6

- New: Added a new feature to fine-tune custom models.
- New: Added new templates for "Writing".

2023-09-29 v1.2.13

- Update: Hide the prompting bar by default.
- Update: Require hold CTRL key to paste a markdown block from the clipboard.

2023-09-28 v1.2.11

- Fix: The letter 's' will be trimmed in the messages window.
- Fix: Invalid maximum token size for models.
- New: Added new "Language" prompting template.
- New: Button to insert custom and "PowerShell" markdown language block.

2023-09-26 v1.2.6

- Fix: Crash when attempting to send a preview message.
- New: Button toolbar for pasting and inserting markdown language blocks.
- New: Added "Code - Simplify" template.
- Update: Minor user interface enhancements and theme updates.

- 2023-09-25 v1.1.18

- Fix: Crashed when sending the message.
- Fix: Incorrect service being called for instruct models.

2023-09-24 v1.1.16

- New: Option to toggle between user and system message instructions.
- Update: Minor user interface enhancements and theme update.

2023-09-17 v1.1.12

- New: Prompting feature that helps to customize the AI's output.

2023-09-07 v1.1.6

- Fix: Task cloning, stop sending.
- New: Added support for streaming replies.
- New: Added service timeout option.
- New: Warning when API URL is insecure and not local.
- Update: Improved support for Azure OpenAI.
- Update: Improved support for GPT4All.

2023-08-31 v1.0.115

- Fix: Unable to hide template or task list panel.

2023-08-29 v1.0.114

- Fix: Unable to add new messages after using the Edit and Remove buttons.
- New: Added [Regenerate] button to the last user message.

2023-08-28 v1.0.112

- Fix: Loading of grid splitter settings.

2023-08-28 v1.0.111

- Fix: Reset value of AI Service dropdown box.
- Fix: Improved list navigation for smoother operation.
- Fix: TrayNotifyIcon visible after app shutdown.
- New: Zoom slider for chat window.
- Update: Resolved some UI and theme issues.

2023-08-23 v1.0.103

- New: "Enable Spell Check" option.
- Fix: AI Service dropdown box value reset.

2023-08-21 v1.0.101

- Fix: AI service setting in templates.
- Fix: Copy AI service value from template.
- Fix: Initial app start position.
- Fix: Dropdown box theme.

2023-08-20 v1.0.97

- Fix: Corrected dropdown box theme.
- Update: Information on About control.

2023-08-17 v1.0.95

- Fix: In message edit mode, following messages won't be deleted if sent using ENTER key.

2023-08-16 v1.0.94

- New: [Edit] button has been added. Edit chat message and delete any messages that follow it.
- Update: Grammar instruction template updated to make it easier to copy the corrected sentence.
- Update: Updated some default settings.

2023-08-14 v1.0.91

- New: Added support for multiple API services, including local machine, on-premise, or cloud.
- New: Option to send a message with ENTER. Use SHIFT+ENTER for a new line.
- Update: UI style updated.

2023-08-04 v1.0.82

- Fix: Remove duplicate option to attach chat logs.
- Fix: The visibility of the "Show Icon in Toolbar" checkbox.
- Fix: The URL for Markdown help is not opening.
- Fix: Default icon is missing when creating a new task.
- Update: UI style updated.

2023-07-31 v1.0.77

- Fix: Crash when no error is selected while fixing the selected error.
- Fix: Crash when no document is open while replacing the selection.

2023-07-16 v1.0.75

- Fix: Add missing title and markdown format templates.
- Update: Theme has been updated and more tooltips have been added.

2023-07-15 v1.0.73

- New: Option to use AI to auto-format your message with markdown.
- New: Option to use AI to auto-generate chat title.
- New: Button to re-generate chat title.
- New: Separated Visual Studio options for clarity.
- Fix: URLs open inside the message control instead of a new browser window.
- Fix: The scroll does not stay at the bottom when the message box is resized. 

2023-07-12 v1.0.67

- Fix: Template bar does not display button to access all templates.
- Fix: Code box expands outside of the message window.
- Fix: The scroll does not stay at the bottom when resizing.
- New: Stop button for cancelling prompt requests.

2023-07-11 v1.0.61

- Fix: HTML and markdown text weren't being displayed properly.
- New: Code is displayed in a code box now.
- New: A copy button has been added to each code block.

2023-07-09 v1.0.57

- Fix: Preview messages are excluded from the chat log now.
- Fix: Chat log markdown display.
- Update: The chat log is now submitted to the API correctly.
- Update: AI model in templates.
- Update: Improved instructions in the grammar template to ensure more consistent results.

2023-07-07 v1.0.52

- Fix: Error with the limit of reply tokens.
- Fix: AI models not refreshing in the select box when [Refresh] is clicked.
- Fix: Maximum height for the message and instructions text box.
- Fix: The scroll does not stay at the bottom when resizing.
- Fix: The HTML code display in the message box was sometimes incorrect.
- Fix: Settings not saving when exiting from Tray menu.

2023-07-05 v1.0.47

- Fix: The entire list refreshes when a task is removed or updated on the disk.
- Fix: Display XML elements within the message.
- Fix: App not restoring the last Task selection upon restart.

2023-07-02 v1.0.42

- Fix: Issue when attempting to paste an item with the same name.
- Fix: Corrected message output display.
- New: Now allows for attachment of multiple item types to AI with the same message.
- New: Added the option to send selected errors.
- New: Added the capability to send debugging exception errors.
- New: Feature to send relevant files/documents for exceptions.
- New: Show a warning when files are sent to the AI.
- New: Show a warning when files sent to the AI contains possible sensitive data.

2023-06-27 v1.0.35

- Fix: Send button opacity when a message is changed.
- Update: Reduce the amount of space that attachments and data occupy in the chat.

2023-06-26 v1.0.33

- Fix: AI response added to a different task.
- Fix: Use Macros Template property not copying to the Task.
- New: Clear all messages button.
- New: Scroll to the bottom button.

2023-06-25 v1.0.28

- New: Include macros for the Environment.
- New: Easily access tasks from the Tray Notification icon.
- Fix: Correct rendering of template list when switching tabs.
- Fix: Automatically enable macros if they are used.

2023-06-22 v1.0.26

- Fix: Send button opacity when a message is changed.

2023-06-22 v1.0.25

- Fix: Some Template properties not copying to the Task.
- New: Separate the AI instructions from the main message.
- Update: Updated all templates.

2023-06-21 v1.0.23

- New: Added an "Allow Only One Copy" option for standalone application.
- Update: The "Minimize On Close" option is now enabled by default.

2023-06-20 v1.0.22

- Fix: Changed how the chat log is sent to allow for better AI interpretation.
- Fix: Updated the API requests spinning indicator.
- New: Added feature to show the count of active API requests on the spinning indicator.
- New: Introduced ability to customize the base URL.
- New: Standalone program can now be restored, focused, or minimized to the tray by clicking on the notification icon.
- Update: Renamed AI creativity setting from "Normal" to "Balanced".

2023-06-18 v1.0.19

- New: Public release.

2023-04-11 v1.0.6

- New: Internal release.