Clock for Windows PC or Phone Clock for WINDOWS • 2023.01.09    

JocysCom-Clock-Program.EXE - if you want to use clock as program.
JocysCom-Clock-ScreenSaver.SCR - if you want to use clock as screen saver.

I didn't find alarm clock with configuration options I wanted, so I decided to make my own.
If you have questions or something doesn't work as expected, please write to

• Shows date and time, set in your device's date and time settings.
• Can show year, month, day, week day, hours (12/24) (-12...+14), minutes, seconds, countdown (6 23:59:59), stopwatch (6 23:59:59).
• Customizable colors, opacity, background image, fonts. (Create your own or add other fonts... Roboto, AcciusTEEMedCon, Angeline).
• 3 alarms. 3-rd alarm (...) is automatically used as snooze-coundown.
• Alarms can open audio or video files (mp3, wav, wma, avi, mp4, etc..), web pages (including youtube fullscreen videos or playlists).
• Skip (mute) next alarm - if you are awake already or don't want alarm to play audio or video for another reason.
• Tap on screen, move mouse (if enabled in clock options) or press keyboard key to stop-close alarm.
• You can create custom themes for yourself and others. Save and load XML theme files in “Other” settings tab.
• You don't need to ask permission to use this clock for artistic, commercial, advertisement and other public or private projects.
• Clock app doesn't collect data. However, various websites like YouTube, you will open with clock, may collect data.
• Digitally signed. Free. No built-in advertisement. No in-app purchases.

Defaut and Custom Theme Examples

Background images are not included in download:
Daniel Enamorado Garcia - Christmas o | Lorenz Hideyoshi Ruwwe - Megastructure o | SunGirl

New_Year Timer Future City Sun Girl Taskbar
Help Images
Main Buttons Main Buttons All Alarm Fonts
Colors Layout Margins Other Clock for WINDOWS PHONE 1.1.20    

SIMPLIFIED and OLD version of “ Clock for WINDOWS COMPUTER”.

• Shows date and time, set in your device's date and time settings.
• Can show year, month, day, day of the week, hours (24h mode only), minutes, seconds.
• Changeable 6 digital fonts, colors for date, time, pattern, background.
• Two alarms. On “Loop” audio plays for 5 minutes.
• Tap on screen, move mouse or press keyboard key to stop alarm audio.
• No built-in advertisement. No in-app purchases.

Text to Speech Monitor Text to Speech Monitor and WoW Addon    

• Text to Speech Monitor 3.3.9 • 2021-04-09 • Digitally Signed
• Text to Speech “World of Warcraft” Addon • 2022-11-25

WoW Addon sends text from game to TTS Monitor, which reads this text (quests, chat messages, etc.) with text-to-speech voices. TTS Monitor chooses correct gender and applies special audio effects, depending on received or saved character type. This makes game more immersive and you will not miss messages in chat. Text-to-speech feature allows visually impaired people to enjoy the game too. Supports locally installed and Amazon Polly (Cloud) Standard and Neural voices. Digitally Signed.

TTS Monitor should be able to receive text from addons of some other games, although currently we have no plans to create addons for other games. If you have questions or something doesn't work as expected, please write to

Xbox 360 Controller Emulator
Xbox 360 Controller Emulator  

• Version 4.x uses Virtual Gamepad Emulation driver ViGEmBus by nefarius.
• Version 3.x is just a GUI for editing x360ce.ini and testing your controller. Application can be closed during the game.

Allows your controller (gamepad, joystick, steering wheel, pedals, etc.) to function on your PC as an Xbox 360 controller. It allows you to remap buttons and axes and to drive cars with steering wheel and pedals or to fly planes with joystick and throttle in games like “Grand Theft Auto” or “Saints Row”. Digitally Signed.
GeneralTriggersForce Feedback

VS Reference Manager VS Reference Manager 1.12 (Visual Studio Extension)    

Update *.dll references with original Project references. Works with C# and VB.NET projects. Digitally Signed.

A long time ago CPUs and hard drives were much slower. Developers used to split projects into multiple solutions and used DLL references in order for Visual Studio to work faster. Today we have CPUs with more cores and blazing fast solid state drives (SSDs). Developers can load hundreds of projects into one Visual Studio solution, which also is much better for refactoring and debugging. This extension can save time if you want to find and load original projects back into one Solution.


SQL Propagate SQL Propagate 1.0.10    

Execute SQL scripts with parameters on multiple database server connections. Tool is customisable and can be tailored to specific tasks. You can change title header, body and initial log panel text to provide help and instructions. Digitally Signed.

Program settings are automatically created with the same name as executable, but with *.xml extension. You can edit order (#) of execution, choose connections, parameters and scripts to use by simply checking or unchecking items.

SQL_Propagate_1 SQL_Propagate_2

Password Generator Password Generator 2.4.6    

Generates easy to remember passwords which look like real words but they are not. It is much easier for brain to remember them as whole words and not as separate sequence of random chars. Digitally Signed.

“Calls” feature converts any password or text into phonetic alphabets: NATO (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie...), Names And Things, Pronunciation, Telecom B, Unicode or Braille Code and Radio Morse, so it will be easy to pass them correctly through phone or radio conversation. Application allows you to apply regular expressions and scripts like JScript, C# and VB.NET.


Web Screen Saver Web Screen Saver 1.0.6 Web Screen Saver allows you to use Internet web pages as Windows screen saver.

You can protect your computer by enabling screen saver locking feature in Windows Screen Saver Settings. For example, you can use it on tablet with “Paessler PRTG Network Monitoring Software”. Screen saver tested on Windows 10 only.

Web Screen Saver SettingsWeb Screen Saver EditWeb Screen Saver Tablet

Ruuvi PRTG Server Ruuvi PRTG Server 1.1.6    

Gather data from "RuuviTag" bluetooth beacons and send data to "Paessler PRTG Network Monitor Server". Digitally Signed.

You can use RuuviTag to monitor server room temperature, humidity and pressure. You can put RuuviTag outside or strap it to the room door to detect movement i.e. someone entering the room. You can lock RuuviTag inside bicycle outside and setup PRTG server to send SMS (BulkSMS) message as soon as it moves.

Ruuvi_PRTG_Server_1 Ruuvi_PRTG_Server_2 Ruuvi_PRTG_Server_3

End-to-End Encryption Tool End-to-End Encryption Tool 1.1.7    

Protect and transmit sensitive information via unencrypted channels.

Tools is using Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman (ECDH) key exchange (P-384 curve) and Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit encryption algorithm.

SSL Scanner Tool SSL Scanner Tool (2022-04-07)    

Scan SSL/TLS certificate and domain expiry dates.

Support STARTLS protocol: SMTP (TCP:25), POP3 (TCP:110) and IMAP (TCP:143). It is a .NET Core 3.1 Project.

SSL Scanner Tool CertificatesSSL Scanner Tool Domains

Focus Logger Focus Logger 1.1.12    

Find out which process or program is taking the window focus.

In game, mouse and keybord could start temporary stop responding if other program takes the focus. This tools could help to find out which program steals the focus.


JavaScript.NET Class Library JavaScript.NET Class Library  

Object Oriented JavaScript class library in C#/.NET style.

Some code was written from scratch, some parts were borrowed from internet and some were ported from C#. This "JavaScript Class Browser" is also in deep alpha stage so not all code is available to see. Some parts of JavaScript are more than 10 years old and don't follow C# Coding Standards.

JavaScript.NET Class Library

Audio List Example Audio List Example • Code Only   With Audio • 24 MB  

HTML5 Audio Player and JavaScript • Music by

Theme for Total Commander Vista Theme for Total Commander  

Instruction below will provide you with steps on how to turn your “ugly duck” “Total Commander” into nice looking application. Icons were gathered from various locations on local PC (Vista OS) and Internet (X-Qute, Google and etc...) I've also modified some icons in order to fit them nicer into TC interface.

Vista Theme for Total Commander

Install and Configure

Download “Ghisler Total Commander 7.0” from

%COMMANDER_PATH% - Path where you have installed “Total Commander”.

Use %COMMANDER_PATH% inside “Total Commander” options instead of “C:\Program Files\TotalCmd”


Extract ZIP to %COMMANDER_PATH%\Themes folder

Download Notepad2 from

Extract ZIP to %COMMANDER_PATH%\Tools\Notepad2 folder

Open Configuration > Options and set these options:


Check all checkboxes here...


[x] Show hidden/system files
[ ] Show square brackets [] around directories
[x] Show parent dir also in root of drive


[x] Show overlay icons, e.g. for links


Change all fonts to Microsoft Sans Serif, Regular, 8
For Vista change all fonts to Segoe UI, Regular, 9


Background 2: RGB = 248, 248, 248
Mark Color: RGB = 236, 0, 0
Cursor Color: RGB = 192, 232, 252
Cursos Font: RGB = 0, 0, 0
[x] Use inverted cursor


Show file Extensions:

(*) directly after filename

Custom Columns:

Press [New] button and fill fields:
Name: NameExtSizeDateAttr_SegoeUI_9
Name: 148
Ext: 12
Size: 48 -> [=tc.size.bytes]
Date: 64 <- [=tc.writedate.Y-M-D h:m:s]
Attr: 16 <- [=tc.attributestr]
[x] Adjust Tabs to window width


[x] Allow only 1 copy of Total Commanded at a time
[x] Move icon to system tray when minimized
(*) Left mouse button (Windows standard)


Editor: %COMMANDER_PATH%\Tools\Notepad2\Notepad2.exe


[x] Copy date/time of directories

Quick Search:

(*) Letter only

Press [OK] button and restart “Total Commander”

Now we need to set some options manualy inside INI file:
Go to %COMMANDER_PATH% folder and open wincmd.ini file with F4

Add these options or change their values to these:



Restart “Total Commander”

Go to: Configuration > Buttons Bar... and uncheck:

[ ] Small Icons

Done. Now your “Total Commanded” must look awesome :).


from [Size] collumn

Create file %COMMANDER_PATH%\LANGUAGE\WCMD_ENG.LNG with content...


...and set value:


Then go to Configuration > Options... Language and change Language to:

English (WCMD_ENG.LNG)

Advanced Keyboards Advanced Keyboards    

This program installs additional keyboard layouts into Windows XP / 2003 / Vista / 7 / 8.1 / 10

32-bit version for 32-bit Windows
64-bit version for 64-bit Windows



Keyboard Layouts

Lithuanian - Lithuanian letters instead of numbers for US keyboards.
Lithuanian (United Kingdom) - Lithuanian letters instead of numbers for UK keyboards.
Lithuanian (France) - Lithuanian letters instead of numbers for French keyboards.
Russian (Phonetic) - Russian letters under English phonetic equivalents for US keyboards (C=Ц, D=Д, F=Ф, etc.).
Russian (United Kingdom, Phonetic) - Russian (Phonetic) for UK keyboards.
Russian (United Kingdom, Mnemonic) - Russian (Mnemonic) for UK keyboards.

You can use [right-ALT] keyboard key to reach special symbols or symbols under national letters. For example, to write email symbol (@), press at same time [right-ALT]+[SHIFT]+[@] and to write divide symbol (÷), press at the same time [right-ALT]+[d].

Name Sign [right-ALT] +
Euro e
Cent ¢ q
Registered ® r
Copyright © c
Trademark t
Yen ¥ y
Frank f
Divide ÷ d
Multiply × x
Number n
Windows Vista
  1. Download and install AdvKbd-x86.msi (32-bit) or AdvKbd-x64.msi (64-bit)
  2. [Start] ► Control Panel ► Regional and Language Options
  3. Choose [Keyboard and Languages] tab, press [Change Keyboards...] button
  4. New window will open, Select [General] tab
  5. If any Russian layout already exists then select RU “Russian” language and press [Remove] button
  6. Press [Add...] button and select from tree:
    Russian (Russia)
               Russian (Phonetic)

    Press [OK] button
  7. Optionally you can click on [Advanced Key Settings] tab, select Action “Between Input Languages”, click [Change Key Sequence...] button so you can switch between keyboard layouts with keys SHIFT+CTRL or SHIFT+ALT (depends on configuration).
  8. Press [OK] button.

    You can use same instruction for other keyboard layouts.
UNINSTALL • Control Panel ► Programs and Features ► Advanced Keyboards ► [Uninstall/Change] button ► follow wizard...
Windows XP / 2003
  1. Download and install AdvKbd-x86.msi (32-bit) or AdvKbd-x64.msi (64-bit)
  2. [Start] ► Control Panel ► Regional and Language Options
  3. Choose [Languages] tab, press [Details...] button
  4. If any Russian layout already exists then select RU “Russian” language and press [Remove] button
  5. Press [Add...] button and add:
    Input language: Russian
    Keyboard layout/IME: Russian (Phonetic)
    Press [OK] button
  6. Press [OK] button, press [OK] button.

    You can use same instruction for other keyboard layouts.

Now you can switch between keyboard layouts with keys SHIFT+CTRL or SHIFT+ALT (depends on configuration).

UNINSTALL • Control Panel ► Add/Remove Programs ► Install/Uninstall ► Advanced Keyboards ► Add/Remove ► [OK]
Important Note

If you uninstalled older version of the program, then there is a chance, that program uninstalled original registry keys for Lithuanian, Russian, Latvian, Estonian and Polish keyboards. In order to restore original keyboards, you need to restore original registry keys. You can do this by downloading and running this file:

If you have Windows XP: KBD-XP.reg
If you have Windows Vista: KBD-VS.reg