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Clock for Windows Computer Clock for WINDOWS COMPUTER 2021.06.03  

ZIP file • 12 MB

JocysCom-Clock-Program.EXE - if you want to use clock as program.
JocysCom-Clock-ScreenSaver.SCR - if you want to use clock as screen saver.

If you have questions or something doesn't work as expected, please write to

• Shows date and time, set in your device's date and time settings.
• Can show year, month, day, day of the week, hours (12/24) (-12...+14), minutes, seconds, countdown (6 23:59:59), stopwatch (6 23:59:59).
• Changeable colors, opacity, background image, fonts. You can create your own or install other fonts... Roboto, AcciusTEEMedCon, Angeline.
• 2 alarms. 3-rd alarm (...) is automatically used as snooze-coundown.
• Alarms can open audio or video files (mp3, wav, wma, avi, mp4, etc..), web pages, like youtube fullscreen video or playlist. Link examples below.
• Alarm audio stops automatically after 10 minutes. 10 minute limit can be turned-off.
• Skip (mute) next alarm - if you are awake already or don't want alarm to play audio or video for another reason.
• Tap on screen, move mouse (if ALARM settings ► Stop Media on Mouse Move (ON)) or press keyboard key to stop-close alarm media.
• You can use it freely as free tool to create your own themes for yourself and others... save and load XML files in “Other” settings tab.
• Digitally signed. No advertisement and no banners in the program.

Background images in examples (not included in download): Denamorado - Christmas | Lorenz Hideyoshi Ruwwe - Megastructure | SunGirl

LCD Font 4 LCD 1 LCD 2 New_Year Timer Future City Sun Girl Taskbar

Interface Help Images

Main Buttons Main Buttons All Alarm Fonts Colors Layout Margins Other

Clock for Windows Phone Clock for WINDOWS PHONE 1.1.20 • 2016-02-23 • Universal Windows Platform App  

SIMPLIFIED and OLD version of “ Clock for WINDOWS COMPUTER”.

• Shows date and time, set in your device's date and time settings.
• Can show year, month, day, day of the week, hours (24h mode only), minutes, seconds.
• Changeable 6 fonts, colors for date, time, pattern, background.
• Two alarms. On “Loop” audio plays for 5 minutes.
• Tap on screen, move mouse or press any keyboard key to stop alarm audio.
• No advertisement and no banners in the program.

Phone White Phone 2 Phone 3 Layout Colors



If you are buying new tablet or monitor for clock only, you should check, how well screen can show black colour in the dark.


If tablet screen is too bright and black background is not entirely black, you can dim tablet screen brightness to 0% in Windows Action Centre's ( Windows 10 ) “Quick Actions” ( Win + A ) menu.

Find TABLET or STAND on Amazon





Download Zip File
Copy Zip Content to “Program Files” Folder


Windows Screen Saver Settings


STOP / CLOSE media & Navigation Mode
Alarm and Snooze Can Open Web Pages
YouTube Video Link Examples
Show on Top and Lock Clock
Start Clock with Windows


Disable Computer Sleep
Largest Digits Possible on Screen
Settings Directory and Files
If Folders and Files are Hidden in File Explorer

1. Download and open JocysCom-ClockForComputer.ZIP file.

Zip file contains:
JocysCom-Clock-Program.EXE - if you want to use clock as normal program.
JocysCom-Clock-ScreenSaver.SCR - if you want to use clock as screen saver.

2. Select and copy Jocys.Com folder.
3. Paste Jocys.Com folder somewhere on your computer, where you keep downloaded programs.

For example, in C:\Program Files\... folder:

4. Now you can run JocysCom-Clock-Program.EXE or install screen saver JocysCom-Clock-ScreenSaver.SCR from this location.


Right-click with mouse on JocysCom-Clock-ScreenSaver.SCR to Install, Configure or Test screen saver:

Windows Screen Saver Settings

On Windows 10:

Start > Settings > Personalisation > Lock screen > Screen saver settings

On Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1:

Right-click on Desktop > Personalize > Screen Saver

How to remove screen saver from the list: Temporary rename, move to other location or delete JocysCom-Clock-ScreenSaver.SCR file and run Windows “Screen Saver Settings”, to remove screen saver with the same name from Windows “Screen Saver Settings” list.

If screensaver uses background images from "Themes" folder, you need to copy "Themes" folder with images to "C:/Windows/System32/" folder.


STOP / CLOSE media & Navigation Mode

If you want to edit and save clock themes in system protected folder (like "C:/Program Files/ for Computer/Themes/"), you must run clock "Run as administrator".

When navigation mode is ON, you can click on web page links. Press “Navigation Mode” button or keyboard CTRL key to enable/disable “Navigation Mode”.

“Navigation Mode” button (OFF)

Mouse pointer move, keyboard key press or screen touch will STOP / CLOSE media.

“Stop” and “Navigation Mode” button (ON)

To STOP / CLOSE media you must press (X) button.

Alarm / Snooze / Can Open Web Pages

By default, clock opens pages with OLD “Microsoft Internet Explorer”, but you can install and use NEW “Microsoft Edge” (Chromium).
Help, download link and button to enable Microsoft Edge Chromium is in Clock's OTHER settings panel.

If there is a problem with web link, “Audio 1” will play instead.

URL link options separated with & character:

autoplay=1 - auto play video.
autoplay=1&loop=1&playlist=JFaNzIElWvs - auto play loop video.
fs=0 - hide fullscreen button.

YouTube single video with start and end time - loop will not start and end on set times:

YouTube 2 different videos - separated with comma "," character:,qhqhTrui3JQ&autoplay=1&loop=1&fs=0

Clock can be used with renewable YouTube lists, containing short ~1-2 wake-up alarm minute videos. If you know good alarm video or video playlist, which could be used each morning as alarm, please send link to:

You can use Blackmagic Design Davinci Resolve professional and free video editing software to create short alarm videos from existing ones.

Show on Top and Lock Clock

Windows OS taskbar icon menu / OTHER Settings panel ► Show on Top (ON) - Clock will be placed on top of other windows, like media players.
Windows OS taskbar icon menu ► Locked (ON) - Moving mouse over the clock, will make clock transparent and you can click through it.

Start Clock with Windows

If you want to start JocysCom-Clock-Program.EXE automatically, after restart of Windows, you must place JocysCom-Clock-Program.EXE shortcut in Windows “Startup” folder:

1. Copy JocysCom-Clock-Program.EXE

2. To open “Startup” folder, press ( Win + R ) keys together, write “shell:startup” in “Open” field and press [ OK ] button.


2. Open “Startup” folder with “File Explorer” ( Win + E ):

C:\Users\<UserName>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\

If “AppData” folder is not visible in “File Explorer”, read section “If FOLDERS or FILES are HIDDEN in File Explorer” below.

3. Paste JocysCom-Clock-Program.EXE as shortcut in “Startup” folder:

4. Now you can enable or disable JocysCom-Clock-Program.EXE startup with Windows in “Task Manager” ( Ctrl + Shift + Esc ).

“Task Manager” ( Ctrl + Shift + Esc ) > Click on “(v) More details” link at the bottom, if tabs are hidden > [ Start-up ] tab:

You may need to disable check-box “Always ask before opening this file” to allow to run JocysCom-Clock-Program.EXE automatically:

This message may appear, when you run JocysCom-Clock-Program.EXE file.


Disable Computer Sleep

If you want Clock to be always visible, you can disable “screen turn off” and computer “sleep”:

Start > Settings > System > Power & sleep > Set screen turn off and sleep to “Never”.

Largest Digits Possible on Screen

24 hour format: HOUR3 : MINUTE in LAYOUT settings | JocysCom_*_Simple fonts in FONTS settings.

12 hour format: HOUR6 : MINUTE in LAYOUT settings | JocysCom_*_Simple fonts in FONTS settings.

Settings DIRECTORY and FILES on WINDOWS 10 (Clock Version 2017-07-01+)

Deletion of these xml files will reset clock's settings to default values.

C:\ProgramData\\Clock for Computer\...
C:\Users\All Users\\Clock for Computer\...

JocysCom-Clock-ScreenSaver.scr.WebView2 (Microsoft Edge Chromium settings - WebView2 doesn't work in screensaver mode)
JocysCom-Clock-Program.Settings.xml (<ProgramName>.Settings.xml)
JocysCom-Clock-Program.exe.WebView2 (Microsoft Edge Chromium settings)

You can run multiple clock instances... for example... “Clock-Date.exe” and “Clock-Time.exe”... to create more complex results, if you need more sizes and colors. Settings files in such example will be created... Clock-Date.Settings.xml and Clock-Time.Settings.xml.

If Folders or Files are Hidden in File Explorer

To make “All Users” folders visible, you may need to disable temporary “Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)”.
To make “AppData” folders visible, you may need to enable temporary “Show hidden files, folders and drives.” option.

File Explorer ( Win + E ) > View > Options > Change folder and search options > [ View ] tab:

Version Updates & Fixes
Version Updates and Fixes

2021.06.03 - Show on top option modified.
2021.06.02 - Fixed problem, when negative line margins prevent interaction with settings panel controls.
2021.06.01 - Added new functions, updated media player, added WebView2 Runtime (Microsoft Edge (Chromium)) support. Various updates and fixes.
2018.03.01 - Timer and stopwatch pattern and centring fixed. If hours are not set, alarm-snooze shows (HH:mm) time format in mini frame.
2018.03.01 - Mouse pointer becomes visible instantly when snooze panel opens.
2018.02.28 - Snooze panel show up and and auto-hide bug fixed.
2018.02.25 - Alarm can open web page. Various margin settings added. Line 1 and 2 fonts and sizes can be different.
2017.12.10 - Doesn’t save position and size, when snooze settings are open. Browse file window menus don’t disappear each second.
2017.12.06 - Snooze-Timer-Stopwatch window with settings now minimizes time window, instead of covering it.
2017.12.05 - Snooze-Timer-Stopwatch code updated. Timer doesn't start, if past time is set (before Timer starting time).
2017.12.03 - EXE and SCR files signed and RTF file cleared from word processor scripts (can be opened without warnings).
2017.12.02 - Snooze audio, starting at the same time next day, bug fixed.
2017.12.01 - Alarm sound 2 fixed (all 3 beeps audible). Snooze window and buttons hide automatically, when snooze sound-video ends.
2016.10.20 - Windows Presentation Foundation version.
2016.02.23 - Universal Windows Platform version.
2016.01.18 - ...