Photos by various artists

David James - Kedron Brook in Infrared

Unknown - Mountains, Lake

Unknown - Cheile Nerei-Beusnita National Park in Romania

Viktor Galanin - Rainbow Sunset

David Craig Ellis - The Park, Infrared

N. Miyazakinh - Nagano-Shiga

Unknown - Green Park, River, Forest, Trees

Unknown - Flowers, Lake, Mountains, Evening, Glade

Unknown - Clouds, Landscapes, Mountains, Nature, Old, House

Unknown - Landscape, Plants

Unknown - Monument Valley, Grand Canyon, USA

Unknown - Sankeien

Steve Coleman - Path to Plakanek

Michael Laukeninks - Horses Dreams IR Infrared

Unknown - Nudibranchia, Sea, Slugs

Unknown - Sea, Anemones, Underwater

Albena Markova - Forest, Lake, Winter

Unknown - Fish, Clownfish, Sea, Anemones

Unknown - Moreaki Boulders

Unknown - Lavender Fields

Unknown - Ukraine, Sky, Field

Jessica Jenneythe - The Gapstow Bridge

Unknown - Appleby, North Lincolnshire, England

Unknown - Black Forest, Germany