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2024-05-17 04:51 DJ Rating: Very Good
Thanks so much for the text to speech addon! I've been using it with Amazon Polly voices. Your program already supports standard and neural voices, but do you think you could add support for the new tier of 'generative' voices Amazon has recently released? They're much more natural and emotive than the neural voices. Thank you for the amazing addon!
2023-11-14 21:28 VIDA Rating: Very Good
Chapter: - ChatGPT pagal ChatGPT sugeneruota DALL-E
Dirbtinis intelektas save mato kaip pozityvų, draugišką žmogui ir neribotų galimybių pagalbininką žmonijai. Fantastika. Be galo įdomu.
2023-10-09 13:19 Wayne Rating: Very Good
Chapter: - Assembly
Hi there.

Just a question regrading the fans, are both fans extracting the air or are they pulling clean air inside.

Did you set the temperature controller to cooling?

Thanks, this is an amazing job. Well done
In my setup, fans start to extract hot air, when air temperature inside enclosure reaches 35°C.
2023-09-20 18:26 Lithmariel Rating: Very Good
Chapter: - Text to Speech Monitor
I cannot move the frame from the center of the screen, there is no "unlock" button anywhere.

I also cannot seem to have it work so far, does it need me to press a button on monitor or does it play automatically? I need this to play voices for when I am busy.

Third issue: I have contrast up on game, and I am unwilling to change that. Any way this could work by having an adjust setting based on it?

Issues aside, this is a really cool software! Thank you so much for making this.
2023-04-22 23:28 Zaffron Rating: Very Good
I love this program ... as a gamer and as an author. My age 50+ does also like it.

I should say I love what it offers. On the other hand, as someone very knowledgeable about computers, even AWS, which I already had, who has contributed to testing some of the more well-known WOW addons, I've even done some programming; I find the setup process for the game to be overwhelming.

I saw last night on a video that someone had set up an AI addon for WOW Classic but not Retail. From what I read in their comments is wanted. I don't know if their addon "VoiceOver" is more straightforward, but after three hours of reading and changing settings with this program, I cannot find a way to get your addon to overwrite what Blizzard is giving up. Even if I use yours.

I have loaded all the Amazon voices and gone through the setup of access to AWS; I've tried to figure out everything from there - reading help and forums about your addon but it just does not work in the current Dragonflight 10.0.7 release. I hate the Microsoft voices and finally gave up after trying to work on everything most of the morning and afternoon.

One thing I did notice after about two hours of testing was that it disconnected from the AWS services. That is when I knew it was time for me to stop.

I would love to participate more in the conversation and bring my knowledge of the game and how addons are created to make this an easy addon to set up. But at this point, I can't use it. I look forward to future discussions.
2023-01-17 13:19 khorben Rating: Very Good
Chapter: - 3D Printer Enclosure
After taking lots of intermediate steps over the course of almost 3 years, I have now completed a fully functional build of your enclosure. The quality of your work is phenomenal, from the documentation to the individual STL files. Massive thanks, awesome project.
2022-12-07 09:55 Tyler Rating: Very Good
im loving the add-on, i have dialed it in pretty well, one last thing i need is for it to not talk when the npc is already saying the dialog, any solutions?
2022-11-24 23:11 VidmaVirtual Rating: Very Good
Hello! Great your project is amazing, thanks for your hard work!
2022-07-30 17:53 Lungmustard Rating: Very Good
I have been using your excellent x360 emulation software for years and found it second to none, it is still the go to when you use a joystick with the PC. A while ago I was getting increasingly frustrated with the lack of desktop clocks for windows 10, I move around my room a lot and usually use a big clock on my desktop to see the time, but the few that I found were lacking in one way or another, imagine my delight when your site popped up in the search results, so I grabbed it and gave it a go. At first I wasn't too sure, I kept moving sliders and pressing buttons not really understanding why it kept changing in strange ways, but I persisted and soon found that the setup procedure although quiet daunting at first, was quiet ingenious and extensive. After settling on a very stylish, easy to read Broadway font based clock I saved it and loved it ever since. It's funny how the little things can make such a big difference, thank you for such wonderful tools.
2022-03-02 07:27 Waarp Rating: Very Good
Chapter: - Assembly
This is amazing! Thanks :)
2021-04-30 16:23 mitao Rating: Good
Chapter: - Text to Speech Monitor
Hey mate, thanks for work. Just heads up elvui and jocys don't work together. when I disable elvui it works but not with. Is it possible to fix it in any way or disable some elvui modules.

Thanks mate. :)
2020-11-25 13:18 Quezako Rating: Very Good
I'm a long time user, but I did not play WoW since 2 years and now I can't manage to play the sound with the pixels.
I've followed all the instructions, setting to 100%, same resolution fo screen and game, remove appdata and addon data to reset everything, but nothing works.
Do you have any idea of what I should try?

I've created an issue few days ago:
2020-10-13 15:57 Qazomardok Rating: Very Good
Chapter: - Text to Speech Monitor
Hi! Will it works in Shadowlands?
Yes, latest WoW Addon 9.x version should work now.
2020-09-14 21:14 kræet Rating: Good
Hi How do I get Danish voices?
Windows 10 has Danish “Helle” female voice only... how to install.... If Windows doesn’t have Danish voices, you can register on Amazon (Instructions on x360ce ► [Options] tab ► [Amazon Polly] tab). Then... add Danish voices in x360ce ► [Voices] tab ► press [Add Amazon Standard Voices…] button. Amazon “Free Tier” allows to complete about 20 000 WoW quests for free. Amazon Danish Voices:
Male, Mads, da-DK, 406, Amazon, EU West (London), da-DK, standard
Female, Naja, da-DK, 406, Amazon, EU West (London), da-DK, standard
2019-10-13 17:27 joe Rating: Good
Chapter: - Text to Speech Monitor
Im delighted to hear about your progression with the addon however im finding some difficulties trying to use it on Classic WoW may you help me with these problems

You can try new “WoW Addon” version (2019-10-14). “QuestMapFrame” bug in “WoW Classic” fixed.

2019-10-11 23:54 C++ Rating: Very Good
aciu labai uz jusu toki nuostabu darba programos neblogos tikrai rekomenduoju geimeriams
2019-10-10 06:09 WinShinigami Rating: Very Good
Chapter: - Text to Speech Monitor
I just want to say-thank you so much for making this add-on. I am legally blind (what you see at 70 meters I see at 6) and really wanted to try out WoW (big gaming fan). Thanks to your add-on/program I can actually enjoy the game. Keep up the great work.
2019-09-18 20:08 Jordan Rating: Normal
Chapter: - Text to Speech Monitor
Any chance this will continue to receive support in the future? I miss being able to listen to quests, especially for Classic.

New Addon and Monitor versions (2019-10-16) use new message sending and capturing technique (color pixels of the display). They work with official WoW Classic too.

2018-08-27 00:25 Alon Rating: Good
Following my previous comment,
I looked into the lua file to try and identify the reason for the lack of speech for messages in the Instance channel (and in the raid channel as well).
I think the solution is as follows:

In line number 422, I changed "... (event == "MSG_INSTANCE") ..." into "... (event == "CHAT_MSG_INSTANCE_CHAT") ..."

I also changed the 'raid chat event', in line number 401, from "... (event == "MSG_RAID") ..." to "... (event == "CHAT_MSG_RAID") ..."

I tested it for raid chat and it fixed the issue for the raid channel. haven't tested in on the instance channel yet.


Thank You. After changing code, related to check-boxes, I forgot to update event names.

401 ... string.find(event, "MSG_INSTANCE") ~= nil --> (event == "CHAT_MSG_RAID")
422 ... string.find(event, "MSG_RAID") ~= nil --> (event == "CHAT_MSG_INSTANCE_CHAT")

Fixed WoW Addon version 2.3.3 (2018-09-14)

2018-08-23 11:20 Alon Rating: Very Good
Chapter: - Text to Speech Monitor
Thank you very much for the addon. I've been using it for a while and it really adds to the game experience.
I have noticed that since BFA (I think) the addon does not read messages sent in the "Instance" channel. it does however read messages by the "Instance leader".
I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the addon (latest version. 2.6.13 and 2.3.2)
Has anyone else encountered that issue? is there a solution?

Thank you
2018-08-16 12:31 Jimmy Rating: Very Good
Hi. Thanks for a great addon that totaly helps with the lore of the game.

I am also using "Imersion" addon and it doesnt seam to be working very well with your addon. All text is not sent to monitor (the characters first text befor choosing a quest) and also if i open a quest on the npc and i get interupted before i have time to accept, if i then opens the quest from the npc again the text does not get sent to monitor.

Do you know if there is some way to make your addon compatible with the "Imerson# addon?
2018-05-10 07:27 Daniel Sibaja Rating: Very Good
Chapter: - Text to Speech Monitor
Hey, i've been using the software and its amazing. I love how I can listen to my quest. But is there a way to slow the voice of the actor a bit sometimes it reads them to fast and it sounds mechanical while in the video that you have in the page the speech looks slowand clear.

Voice speed can be adjusted in “Text-to-Speech Monitor's” “Rate” fields. Values can be from “-10” (very slow) to “10” (very fast). Default value is “2”. You can select “1” or “0” in both fields to make voices slower. “Text-to-Speech Monitor” doesn't have it's own text-to-speech voices. It uses installed on operating system voices. Usually, these are FREE text-to-speech voices by Microsoft. Additional FREE text to speech voices can be installed with additional Microsoft language packs. BETTER text-to-speech voices (in video) are made by IVONA / distributor HARPO SOFTWARE.

2018-02-08 17:09 Ziru Rating: Very Good
i love your text-to-speech wow addon, please allow us to select output device. Text to Speech Monitor 2.5.6 (2018-05-12)
[Options] tab > "Output Device:" drop-down added. Now you can select output device for audio.

2018-02-03 20:48 Lina Pivoriūnaitė Rating: Very Good
Labai tikiuosi, kad Jūs sugebėsite tai padaryti ir laimėsite, nes esate nuostabi komanda, jei nesate užsiėmę svarbesniais reikalais... Labai Jūsų pasiilgau, tikiuosi, kad atrasim laiko susitikti. Lina
2017-12-20 00:30 Lokidad Rating: Very Good
Chapter: - Text to Speech Monitor
Thank you for your work on this project. My wife and kids have all asked lately to play wow together and this allows my 5 year old to play too. Thank you very much.
2017-05-29 16:25 manwekk Rating: Very Good
Chapter: - Text to Speech Monitor
Hello again. Are there any builds of the program for earlier versions of the game. I want to see old pre-cataclysm quests, that would be great to do it with TTS =)

There are few old versions (not recommended) for old WoW Interfaces:
50400, 60000, 70000, 70100, 70200.

2017-05-12 16:56 Petras Petraitis Rating: Very Good
Chapter: - Xbox 360 Controller Emulator
Sėdžiu prie kompo ir raudamasis plaukus bandau kažkokį lenkišką kontrolerį prijungti prie FarCry4, TrackMania Turbo bei kitų žaidimų. Pirmą kart gyvenime, beje, turiu reikalų su tokiu prietaisu. Tai va, ieškau visko internete, randu tokį "x360ce" emuliatorių, su juo bandau kažką daryt. "Life is strange" puikiai veikia. "Burnout paradise" irgi neblogai. O vat FC4 ir TMT niekaip. Emuliatoriuje paspaudžiau 'about' ir išmetė kelias nuorodas. Galvoju kad panašių programų nuorodos, reik pabandyt. Pats pirmas linkas - . Na pabandom. O ten - Evaldas, Alfonsas, Vaidotas. Lietuvių puslapis! Ir dar trys broliai sukūrę. Pakaišioju nosį, randu eilėraščių, degtukanosį (įdomiai sugalvojot, bet wtf) dar apie išgelbėtą pasaulį. Įtariu manęs neturėjo čia būti. Pavartau biografiją kažkurio, randu netradicinį puslapį apie tradicinę religiją. Manęs tikrai neturėtų čia būti. Taaaaaai jei turit idėjų kaip "padaryti kad veiktų" ir man parašytumėt būčiau dėkingas. Kontroleris - esperanza corsair eg106 . Pirmas gyvenime, tai nepirkau brangių bet pripažintų pultų. Lenkai customer support normalaus neturi. Jūs triese irgi ne supportas, bet gal padėsit, nes aš praradau viltį. Aišku jei gausit kokią notifikaciją ir šitas komentaras neliks po dulkėm. Žodžiu, matau linksmai gyvenat/-ot , ačiū jei padėsit.
2017-03-17 03:00 johnstonecooper Rating: Good
could you make this work with E.S.O. pplz i know some pl that do not read well and this would help them a lot thank you
2016-12-11 03:07 newton antunes Rating: Very Good
Obrigado por x360ce_64 ou 32 meu controle arcade de ps3 da hori não dava para jogar street fighter v agora posso. Parabéns pelo site uqe dure muitos anos para ajudar quem precisa.
2016-11-08 15:42 manwekk Rating: Very Good
Chapter: - Text to Speech Monitor
Great job. But I have one annoying problem. When NPC says something about my class or race, there is strange code (|36) at the beggining and the race or class. Does anyone know how to fix it?
2016-07-26 20:27 ARS Rating: Very Good
Chapter: - Xbox 360 Controller Emulator
Awesome software! We were looking for a way to make a game work with no xbox controller, and your software worked perfectly and without problems! Keep up the good work :D
(P.D: You could add "Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes" as a compatible game for your software ;P)
2016-06-13 20:12 gorzah Rating: Very Good
Chapter: - Text to Speech Monitor
need help with addon
помогите настроить аддон

As alternative, you can try to download and use “Beta 2.3.6 (2016-04-16)” version.

2016-04-03 12:49 Tangar Rating: Normal
Chapter: - Text to Speech Monitor
Hi ho! %)

Thanks for a GREAT addon! %) I've made videos about it:

Russian review:

English review:

Also I'll stream WoW with this addon ay my stream channel:

Sorry, cant understand anything in this interface %) What is:
Labai Gerai/ Gerai/ Normalu/ Blogai/ Labai Blogai ?

Thank you for reviews :).
Comment form switched from Lithuanian to English version (2016-04-03).

2016-01-30 00:30 dariod Rating: Good
Es posible emular una guitarra de xbox , para jugar guitar hero 3 , no todas las guitarras son compatibles, es posible hacer compatible una guitarra de esas?
2016-01-04 01:01 Jesuo Rating: Very Good
Chapter: - Evaldas Jocys - Lietuviškai
Hello there, i see your profile and this web page after find the TocaEdit app, i like your team.

But after reading this "After all, humor separates humans from animals. :)" i think is correct to get you out of your mistake....see these videos:

Another mistake is separate "human" form "animal"...we are animals too.

Anyway, im here to congratulate you for you job and to make you a you think an app like Text to Speech Monitor and WoW Addon would be great in Star Citizen game? ( i am using Tocaedit with this game and Ipega bluetooth controler, thanks) more than a million players give their money to it ;).

Best regards

Thank you for correcting me. It looks like, some animals have sense of humour. Probably, 200 000 years from now apes will open their own comedy club. :)

2016-01-02 16:47 Ron Rating: Very Good
Thank you very much for creating x360ce. Cheers!
2015-05-18 16:40 Nick Moor Rating: Normal
Hi! Could you please tell me how to access x360 version 2.0.2? The latest version doesn't work with Dead Rising 2, which is what I need it for. Thanks!

Please register and describe this issue on x360ce “Issues” page here: ...and we will try to fix this, if it's possible.

2015-02-20 09:30 Ingrida Rating: Bad
Chapter: - Homeopatija - šarlatanų vaistai
Akivaizdžiai ne su medicina susijusio ir silpnai išstudijavusio temą asmens spėlionės :) Tiesa tik apie skiedimus nurašyta :)
O apie žalą ar neveikimą..Tai pasvarstykit-ar "neveikinatys ir žalingi" homeopatiniai vaistai būtų taip ilgai rinkoje? Tiesa ta, kad skeptikams homeopatija sunkiai veiks dėl nusistatymo, tačiau ji efektyvi vaikams, pagyvenusiems ir net gyvūnams, kurie šio principo nesupranta.
Duosiu pvz iš savo patirties-4m dukrai nustatyta bronchinė astma, paskirti cheminiai preparatai nuolatiniam gydymui (inhaliacinis gliukokortikosteroidas, purškiamas kortikosteroidas į nosį, leukotrienų receptorių antagonistas ir kt.), būklei negerėjant tik didinamos dozės..Nenorėdama auginti vaiko 'ant hormonų' ieškojau alternatyvų-pusmetis kaip būklė pagerėjus, jokių dusulių ir pan. naudojam tik homeopatiją :)
2015-01-18 14:42 Gurkenmutant Rating: Normal
Chapter: - Text to Speech Monitor
Hello, the TextToSpeech.Monitor won't catch letters like "ö,ä,ü".

The Addon sents the letters correcty in Chat. But the JocysCom.TextToSpeech.Monitor.exe reads them as "??"

How can i fix that?
Fixed in... Text to Speech Monitor 2.2.10 (2015-01-18)
2015-01-08 11:24 bjuraga Rating: Very Good
Chapter: - Text to Speech Monitor
I started on this same quest and succeeded in getting the text but had no idea how to access the text outside the game. Your way of sniffing packets is simply brilliant. Great work! I have one small suggestion, can you make the port number in the app configurable? It will open the app to so much more scenarios. And i would love to have it signed instead of he build i did for now. Thank you
Port text-box added in... Text to Speech Monitor 2.2.10 (2015-01-18)
2014-11-11 00:09 Gradrok Rating: Very Good
Chapter: - Text to Speech Monitor
This software is really great! I love being able to hear the text instead of reading everything. I admit, I am a bit lazy.

I wanted to give you guys a quick addition that I created for the LUA to identify when the player opens a book, scroll or anything that is readable. I also working on a couple functions to detect when the player receives a message from an NPC in order to speak that as well.

Here are the lines of code that I added or changed for the readable items.

301: if ItemTextFrame:IsShown() then frame = ItemTextFrame end

392: CloseItemText();

575: self:RegisterEvent("ITEM_TEXT_BEGIN");
576: self:RegisterEvent("ITEM_TEXT_READY");

583: self:RegisterEvent("ITEM_TEXT_CLOSE");

616: local isShown = GossipFrame:IsShown() or QuestFrame:IsShown() or ItemTextFrame:IsShown();

645: elseif event == "QUEST_GREETING" or event == "GOSSIP_SHOW" or event == "ITEM_TEXT_BEGIN" or event == "ITEM_TEXT_READY" or event == "QUEST_DETAIL" or event == "QUEST_PROGRESS" or event == "QUEST_COMPLETE" then

652: elseif event == "ITEM_TEXT_BEGIN" then
653: lastQuest = ItemTextGetText();
654: elseif event == "ITEM_TEXT_READY" then
655: lastQuest = ItemTextGetText();

664: elseif event == "QUEST_ACCEPTED" or event == "QUEST_FINISHED" or event == "GOSSIP_CLOSED" or event == "ITEM_TEXT_CLOSE" then
Thank you :).
2014-06-17 14:11 dawid Rating: Very Good
Chapter: - Xbox 360 Controller Emulator
this program does not detect pad form xbox from 2001
2014-05-12 14:20 Rhicoland Rating: Bad
Chapter: - Xbox 360 Controller Emulator
Sveiki ir ačiū už tai, ką jūs darote, aš tiesiog norėjau présicer x360.ce kad neveiks su "The amazing spiderman 2". Prašome išspręsti šią problemą
2014-01-26 08:45 Algimantas Rating: Good
Su Jūsų tėčiu dainavau "Nemuno" amsamblyje 1965-1968 metais. Laikas ištrina daug ką, lieka tik prisiminimai. Apie Alfonsą-tik geri. Ansamblyje buvo labai mėgiamas, beje nežinau kodėl, turėjo pravardę "Žemaitis". Ne tik dainavo, bet ir grojo daudytėmis(tada tai buvo naujiena). Nežinau ar jis apie tai Jums pasakojo. Gaila, kad taip anksti išėjo... Sužinojau, kad jo nebėra tik po kelių metų.
Turiu jo mažą nuotrauką, kai važiavome į užsienį, berods tada į Jugoslaviją, reikėjo pristatyti 12 nuotraukų! Po to grįžus grąžino, tai keitėmės vieni su kitais...
Linkiu Jums sėkmės, džiaugiuosi, kad Jūsų tinklapyje matau ir Jūsų tėčio nuotrauką.
2013-11-28 09:50 Skaitytojas Rating: Very Good
Chapter: - Homeopatija - šarlatanų vaistai
Dėkui už šį straipsnį
2013-10-23 00:40 Darius Rating: Very Good
Na jus tikrai nerealus tiek metu dar esat da visai mazas buvau kai sita svetaine naudodavau :)
2013-03-14 21:33 hi Rating: Good
I`m using logitech chillStream gamepad (PS3) when I select "Logitech Cordless RumblePad 2" all buttons are fine but o having problame whit the rummbeling it's possible to start whit this soft? any way thank you for this program.
2013-02-25 19:23 Mantas P. Rating: Very Good
Labai, Jums, ačiū už nuostabią programėlę - Advanced Keyboards. puikus įrankis, padedantis su rusų kalbos tekstų rinkimu.
2013-02-05 10:50 Nušvitimas Rating: Very Good
Chapter: - Homeopatija - šarlatanų vaistai
Sunku tikėti, nes tikrai reklama praplovė smegenis. Ačiū, dabar pradėsiu žiūrėti kas sudėtinės dalys, kartu su žodynais ir vadovėliais. Gal rimtai labiau pagydys kepta antis su obuoliais nei anie :)
2013-01-30 13:16 Skaitytojas Rating: Very Good
Chapter: - Homeopatija - šarlatanų vaistai
Normalu Lietuvoje, ten sildymas 9 kartus didesnis, vagia valdzia is panoses :) ziauru.... Vien monopolininkai ir asilai sedi gedimino pr. gale :D
2010-12-19 22:32 mda Rating: Normal
Kada bus kitas toks grandiozinis LAN party? :) .
2006-12-19 00:50 Evaldas Jocys Rating: Normal
Po "LAN Party" (2000. 08. 25-27) čia galėsite paskelbti savo įvertinimą ir pareikšti savo nuomonę apie tai kas patiko, o kas nepatiko. Tikiuosi, kad atleisite jei kas bus šiek tiek ne taip. Žodžiu tikimės, kad mūsų (t. y. organizatorių) labai morališkai nemušite :) .
2006-12-19 00:50 Paulius Rating: Normal
Tai labai garas dalykas
2006-12-19 00:50 pase Rating: Normal
viskas buvo krutai ir inetas veze ir ivairus dethmachai vyko.
2006-12-19 00:50 Molotov Rating: Normal
yega! ;] nuo visu i kawlus gavau ant q2 ir q3 :P bet tixliai pamenu kad kroviau malku [DeF]oxidui ir Holokaustui... reik daugiau tokiu renginiu lietuvai (p. s. kita savaitgali rekomenduoju 5ta lanparty - vis mieliau gyvent bus :) be to pasirodo, kad internetas - puiki alternatyva miegojimui ir teliko ziurejimui, o ka jau kalbeti apie quake ir kitus geimus :] tiesiog zmogaus gyvybiniai procesai susilpneja iki tokios ribos, kai kraujas teka tik i galva ir i pirshtu galiukus - to uztenka 48 valandas kautis uz buvi ir nepaluzti kovos lauke :)) , o jei kam ir neuztenka - visko atsitinka :P pirmaja nakti graziausiai atrode paskutine eile, kur klaviaturos visiems tarnavo kaip pagalves... kas dejosi antra nakti deja negaliu tiksliai pasakyti, pamenu, kad paskutinis freimas patekes i mano organizmo random acces memory buvo frame #002154 ish filmo "CUBE" ;~) mhhhmm dar tesiasi q3 turnyras - visi pleshosi del GeForce videshkes, kuri kainuoja apie 1500 lt... tik ydomu kaip atrodys kulminacija viso shito, kai finale zais uzrishtom akim :P speju po tokiu isbandymu visiem gerokai suprastes reikalai su nervu sistema, hehe ne visi tokie ishtvermingi, kokie atrode pirmasias valandas.

2006-12-19 00:50 Soliteris Rating: Normal
buvo ir lagu, buvo ir PL, bet siaip neblogai
P. S. gal kita kart koxialo nereik a?
2006-12-19 00:50 Ozone Rating: Normal
Ish pradzhiu norechiaw padekoti E ir V Jociam, kurie nepraranda etuziazmo ir tesia pradeta veikla ;]. Manaw shitas lan-partis tikrai buvo geriausias ish visu 4. Ir tinklas visai neblogai veike ir inetas buvo ir prizai tokie uzh kuriuos tikrai verta pakovoti. Linkiu visiem ko geriawsio ir tikiuosi kad sekantis lanas bus dar geresnis.
p. s: na, kaip mes visus paturejom, a?mf
2006-12-19 00:50 T-1000 Rating: Normal
Tikrai viskas buvo cool. Labai daug zmoniu, didelis tinklas, daug zaideju, daug hebros is IRC ;-]
Viskas vyko puikiai, hehe, bandziau irgi zaist q3, gavau i kaulus (eh, as hl fanaz;-p) , bandziau surengt Half-Life
turnyra. Nesitikejau, kad bus tiek norinciu zaisti Half-Life... ;-] Musyje susitiko apie 20 zmoniu, vienas kita be gailescio pleskino... ;-] Turnyro finale laimejo SUPERNOVA, nors pajegesniu buvo daugiau... Tikrai netiketas
finalaz;-] Gaila, kad finala praleido Fabio ir Monster. Tikiuosi, kita kart zais visi.
Labai laukiu kito LAN Party. 48 valandos praleke kaip minutes. ;-]

2006-12-19 00:50 ALERTaZ Rating: Normal
jegovas lanparty viskas vyko puikiai buvo daug fragu nors i kaulus pakankamai gavau, bet likau ziaurei patenkintas nusiskundimu organizatoriu atzvilgiu tikrai nebuvo :))
2006-12-19 00:50 A-Ghost Rating: Normal
Dalyvavau pirma karta savo gyvenime 4-jame LAN-Party buvo tikrai JEGA :))) Bet buvo ir kai kuriu mano galva neigiamu dalyku : (((Pavyzdziui mano galva buvo pats NEIGIAMIAUSIAS... Man (ne man vienam) iskilo tam tikru problemu jungiantis prie tinklo. EVALDAS stengesi kiek imanydamas, bet juk jis visur begioja visada uzsiemes viskas uzgriuvo ant jo galvos, taip kad kai kurias problemas teko spresti paciam (as visiskai zalias tinkluose na suprantat habai, svicai ir t. t NO INFORMACION) dazniausiai tas problemas ispresdavau klaidingai : (((pagaliau po 7 valandu varginancio darbo su EVALDO pagalba as visdelto pasijungiau :))) PATARIMAS : EVALDUI >>> Mano akimis renginyje maciau nemazai nutuokanciu apie tinklus tai va gal jie galejo buti tokie geri ir padeti tokiems ZALIEMS TINKLUOSE arba gal yra kur nors apie visa tai info... NA DABAR PO LAN - PARTY AS JAU SUPRANTU KAIP MAZDAUG VISKAS VEIKIA :))) Bet siaip renginys tikrai buvo vertas demesio !!! JEGA !!! JEGA !!!
2006-12-19 00:50 Kernel911 Rating: Normal
Viskas O. K. Ir liaudis draugiška ir daug naujo sužinojau ir t. t, JĖGA LP4!
2006-12-19 00:50 RAYflex Rating: Normal
Galiu pasakyt viena tusofke buvo jega!!!
2006-12-19 00:50 GadMon Rating: Normal
Renginys buvo kliovas, užteko visko :)
Dalyviams - kita karta padėkit daugiau organizatoriams.
Visa kita Ok.
2006-12-19 00:50 NieX Rating: Normal
Tureciau pasakyti, kad renginukas pavyko. Suorganizuota viskas buvo visai neblogai ir liaudis susirinko draugiska.
belieka tik laukti sekancio LAN - Party.
2006-12-19 00:50 Algis -"Ralinga" Rating: Normal
Dekoju Evaldui ir Vaidotui uz Ju pasiaukojima, buriant po vienu stogu tokius skirtingus ir tuo paciu tokius panasius zmones, kuriuos vienyja bendra meile KOMPIUTERIAMS. Malonu susitikti su klientais tokioje neoficialioje aplinkoje kaip LAN Party, nes tik taip gali suzinoti nuomone apie save! Gaila, kad zmoniu norejusiu padeti Jociams buvo tiek nedaug... Manau jog rengynys pavyko, o ateityje tobules !
2006-12-19 00:50 q__ Rating: Normal
Viskas cool buvo. Tik galejot gauti vaistu nuo miego :/ vat...
galite daryti dar viena zhiema :)
2006-12-19 00:50 Lama Rating: Normal
man taj patiko nors nebuvau :))
2006-12-19 00:50 Molotov Rating: Normal
Kodel tiek nedaug nuotraukuu??? Bunant tenai atrode, kad fotografai kariauja tarpusavyje, kaip ginklus naudodami savo fotiku blicus, o dabar... kelios nuotraukos... hmmm kur kraujo ishtroshke veidai? kur dziaugsmo ir pralaimejimo (skambesnis zhodis - DEFEAT :)) akimirkos? kur sveciu is siaures fizionomijos? ex, atlekiau kaip slug~as i VU kad susirinkti nuotraukas, o jos pasirodo i 3, 5 floppy diska telpa : (toks renginys turejo buti smarkiai iamzintas jpg formate, pvz kaip www. loveparade. de, or smth...
2006-12-19 00:50 dzhirbis Rating: Normal
Lanparciukas krutas buvo, tik gaila kad tokiu mazai buna. Ar ziema dar bus ? Jei bus tikriausiai vel atleksim
2006-12-19 00:50 -={o}=- Rating: Normal
Daugiau liaudziai tokiu renginuku... :P
2006-12-19 00:50 Nyjo Rating: Normal
Gailas kad nebuvau LanParty. Kitais metais butinai atvarysiu. Kaip girdejau coooooool renginys buvo :)
2006-12-19 00:50 DarkMan Rating: Normal
geras renginys, gal kas galit pasakyt kur gaut q3 demkes tarp base ir boo ? arba atmeskit man email'u. dekui.
2006-12-19 00:50 wortex Rating: Normal
laukiu nesulaukiu kito LANpary taippat ir a-ghost. Tai va aciu uz demesi...
2006-12-19 00:50 L@w & Friend'as Rating: Normal
L@w: Man patiktu lanparty, tik netenka niekaip nuvazhiuoti. Butu malkos visokiems lietuviams, dazefx'ams, butrosiax'ams ir t. t. GERAI BUTU KAD LANPARTY VYKTU PANEVĖŽYJE!!! PATS CENTRAS LIETUVĖLĖS.
Friend: Greičiau tempkit savo kompus i Panevėžį, parodysim iš kur ragai dygsta.
2006-12-19 00:50 Dallyvis Rating: Normal
Davai greiciau ant nauju metu dar lanparty su turnyriuku, px tie internetai - tegul ir nebuna, savrbu tik lanparty greiciau darykit, nes jau kaledos CIA PAT.
2006-12-19 00:50 RAYflex Rating: Normal
Broliai Jociai darykit greiciau lanparty. Nes jau visi kiek matau selsta, laukia tokio renginio. Tik kita ka darysist si lanparty padarykit backa kavos kad netrauktu taip miegot :)
2006-12-19 00:50 AtomiX Rating: Normal
Viskas buvo kruta iskyrus pirmas septynias valandas, kurias teko praleisti junginejantis prie tinklo :) . Bet siaip renginys buvo tikrai jegovas. Daugiau tokiu reikia!!!