X360 CEmulator Game: 32-bit 64-bit
Allows your gamepad, joystick, wheel, etc. to function as an Xbox 360 controller, to play games like “GTA” with them.
Advanced Keyboards Win: 32-bit 64-bit
LT (US, UK, FR): LT letters under numbers. RU Phonetic (US, UK): RU letters under EN phonetic equivalent: F=Ф, Ц=C, etc.
Clock for COMPUTER 2017.07.05 Download
Shows date and time. Changeable fonts, colors and opacity. Two alarms. SIMPLIFIED Clock for WINDOWS PHONE 1.1.20
PassGen Phonetic Download
Generates easy to remember passwords. Can convert text into phonetic alphabets, to pass it easy through phone.
Text to Speech Monitor 2.4.18 WoW Download
Reads “World of Warcraft” quests and chat messages with text-to-speech voices. Includes WoW Addon 2.2.90
Anglų kalbos gramatika 2017.06.09 Open
Knyga skirta pradedantiems mokytis anglų kalbos ir tiems, kas nori su savimi turėti gramatikos atmintinę.
Web Screen Saver 1.0.6 Download
Allows to use Internet web pages as Windows screen saver. You can use locking feature in Win. Screen Saver Settings.
JavaScript.NET Class Library CodeProject GitHub Open
Object Oriented JavaScript class library in C#/.NET style. It is in deep alpha stage so not all code is available to see.